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What is the fastest way to increase Alexa ranking? Are there any tricks or tips that will boost my Alexa score? Does the Alexa Rank even matter?

For a lot of website owners and new bloggers, it’s hard to get traffic and have a lower Alexa Rank.

Nothing is more frustrating that putting amazing content out there just to find out that is not serving a purpose because no one is reading it. ?

Knowing how to SEO a site and how to write the perfect blog post are key to gathering traffic that will eventually help you improve your Alexa Rank and will get you tons of Adsense revenue.

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Before we dig deeper into how to boost your Alexa, let’s start with the basics.

What is considered a good Alexa ranking?

Alexa (acquired by Amazon and the almighty Jeff Bezos) is a company that maintains traffic data regarding websites, and it’s mostly known for its website rank information, called the Alexa Rank.

The Global Alexa Rank indicates how popular your site is around the world and the Local Alexa Rank shows popularity in the country that the domain has been registered in.

How can I increase my Alexa Ranking for free?

Here you can find the Alexa Rank of your own site. 

Additionally, if you are like me and check your Alexa Rank constantly, you can install the Alexa Traffic Chrome Extension or SEOQuake (which will give you other useful SEO data), so you can quickly see the rank of any page you are visiting.

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Does the Alexa Rank matter? Why should anyone care?

The Alexa Rank is a very important tool for marketers as it shows the advertising potential of a site. The lower the number, the more traffic that the site gets and thus the more people that ads can be served to.

Domains with lower Alexa Rank are generally regarded as more valuable than domains with higher Alexa Rank.

Having a low Alexa Score can increase the CPC that you get through your Ad network or even help you land nice native advertisers on your site.

Therefore, lowering the Alexa Rank of your site could prove beneficial for your business.

Google Alexa Rank
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Here’s Google’s Alexa Rank for example

How can I improve my search engine ranking?

According to the Alexa Blog on “how to improve your alexa rank”:


In my own experiments I’ve also found that there are multiple other variables (ranked in order of importance) that play a role in the Alexa Rank algorithm. This include:

  • Traffic from people that use the Alexa Toolbar (which is a horrible estimation of number of site visitors)
  • Number of page views 
  • Time spent on site per visitor
  • Bounce Rate and CTR (Click-through-rate). Learn how to increase your CTR. 
  • Quality and Diversity of the views
  • Number of inbounds links to site (also known as backlinks)
  • Social Media share, likes, comments count
  • Site Load Speed (which leads to visitors not leaving your site so quickly)
  • Site UX/UI

Is Alexa rank important for SEO?

There’s no direct correlation between SEO and Alexa Rank.

However, a lower Alexa Rank might imply high amounts of traffic which could be related to having SEO blog posts on the first page of Google.

Sites that have their Alexa Rank under 10k, are probably enjoying a good chunks of visitors from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). 

Find out how to dramatically improve your SEO in my comprehensive blog post about SEO.

Also read my post about On-Page SEO factors and Off-Page SEO factors for the ultimate search advantage. Gettingbacklinks from high authority sites will increase the domain authority of your site and help you rank higher for your search terms. This will help you get more traffic which in turn will improve your Alexa Rank.

If you want to get listed on high authority sites, read this post.

Bonus: Make sure you do not make any of these mobile SEO mistakes.

How many views do I need to be on the top 100,000 sites on the Alexa Rank?

Google Analytics and Alexa report different numbers.

For instance I have 2 sites on the top 100,000 which report traffic of 30,000 (ranked #99k) and 150,000 visitors per month (ranked #70k).

So here are some rough numbers for a month of traffic:

  • Top 100,000 = 1000 visitors per day.
  • Top 50,000 = 5000 visitors per day.
  • Top 20,000 = 10000 visitors per day.
  • Top 10,000 = 25000 visitors per day.
  • Top 5,000 =  more than 50000 visitors per day.
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