How to Configure SEMrush Tutorial & Outlook – Strategies for 10X Your Website Traffic

If you have been in the SEO tips space for long, You must have heard the name of SEMrush Strategies and Tips because it is difficult to mention top SEO research tools without mentioning this basic tool.

As a blogger or content creator, A reliable SEO tool to assist with research and strategy is highly needed.

Intelligent online marketers use SEMRush because SEMrush follows strict rules in ensuring that you get exactly what you desire.

In this article, We’re going to explore the fundamentals of SEMrush, A comprehensive SEO tool that is suitable for beginners and veterans alike to use, 

It provides several features irrespective of the SEO level you belong in. In this SEMrush Tutorial, I provide an in-depth analysis of what SEMrush offers and how to effectively use this tool for your utmost benefits.

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Let’s dive into it,

  • What is SEMrush?
  • How Does SEMrush Pull Data?
  • Toolkits for SEMrush
  • Competitive Research with SEMrush
    • Pros and Cons of Using SEMrush
    • Pricing Plan Of SEMrush
    • Is SEMrush Better than Ahrefs?
    • How To Get SEMrush Pro Free Trial for 14 Days Worth 99.95$
    • How to Configure SEMrush Tutorial & Outlook – Strategies for 10X Your Website Traffic
    • Conclusion

What is SEMrush?

SEO is among the key to digital marketing tactics to improve important website leads and traffic. SEO tips may be difficult to comprehend, but for those lacking SEO tips knowledge tools, SEMrush tipsmakes it much more understandable.

SEMrush is an application on the web that helps you evaluate massive amounts of SEO data related to your platform and also analyse your competitors.

SEMrush is connected to about 106 million keywords on around 46 million domains, as stated in their blog.

SEMrush maintains track of popular domain and landing URLs positions. They can provide information about your competitors, like what keywords they use and their rank in search engines.

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SEMrush even retains Adwords ad copies for websites apart from your own.  

SEMrush is a technical platform for taking the SEO game to a whole new enticing level. The software is created for those in need of digital marketing assistance.

SEMrush provides an easy way for you to learn and use SEO if you have little knowledge or experience.

How Does SEMrush Pull Data?

When using SEMrush tool, You can see how it’s collects data to assist you in recognizing how your site and your competitor’s site operate. SEMrush pulls data in two main ways.

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The first approach is by search bar: You can display reports of a domain and view keyword selections when you insert the URL of a site in the search bar.

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It allows you to know about your competitors and discover useful ways to compete with them.

The second approach is by project creation: Data is collected from outside their servers through SEMrush projects. They evaluate the visibility of your website and compare to your competitors.

Toolkits for SEMrush

SEMrush toolkits are combinations of various tools and guides that help you better understand the plan. You gain access to a wide range of tools and reports when you use a toolkit.

Even though you may not need each of them, you may tailor your toolkit to suit your business.

You may not realize what tools you need when you first start using SEMrush. Consider your mission and priorities as they will assist you in finding the right tools.

What is your goal, and what tools will better help you achieve this aim with your SEO campaign?

SEMrush provides toolkits for every method, so you have to choose the processes that are appropriate for your plan. Even don’t feel compelled to use any kind of tool.

The central part is selecting tools to help you track the progress of your campaign.

Competitive Research with SEMrush

Central to successful marketing performance is knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors.

The existence of your business is visible, and competitors are constantly threatening it. You must always look over your shoulder and study the competition landscape carefully,

And you can profit from it: you can learn from the mistakes of your competitors, research their best procedures, and find opportunities. 

All this often happens when developing the SEO strategy But the battle for clients has their laws and procedures in the digital space.

Although you’re fortunate enough for your niche not to be specifically challenged, you will easily be outranked in search engine results by someone else, probably from a different industry.

You have to keep track of your competitors always to stay ahead,

Below are the SEMrush characteristics which allow you to easily and quickly examine your competition:

Positions Tracking Report

You should turn to the Position Report in Organic Research for further study of your competitors.

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Access the competitor domain, pick the country to be targeted in the search window.

The statistical information can be found at the top of the report Stats at the left are the total number of keywords in our database that rank the domain in the top 100 slots,

The monthly traffic average for those keywords and the calculation of the cost to run AdWords for each keyword.

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If we notice differences in Google’s algorithm, Google indicators show the dates. Such adjustments will affect the rankings of web pages, and by tapping on a note, you can view the results. 

You can apply custom notes to the graph and see when SEMrush Sensor discerns high volatility on SERPs or when SEMrush updates the databases. 

These marks will have red diamond icons.

Through clicking Notes above a graph and ticking the boxes in the window, you will pick the notes that are shown.

The SERP feature button is on the right. This shows the percentage of each search result activated by the keywords for which the target domain is ranked for.

By clicking on one of those SERP features, the Position Table will be filtered for featured SERP keywords.

SERP features tips are divided into two sections;

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1) Linking to the site for functions with a domain link. Filtering for these results will display all keywords featured by the targeted domain;

2) Not linking to the website for features that have no links or that are not linked by SEMrush. All keywords with certain features on SERP will be shown through filtering.

SERP feature’s filtering is an excellent asset among the numerous additional filtering methods for discovering the existence and keyword techniques of your competitors in SERPs.

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The right tab of this report has a Position tab, that contains the keywords for which the targeted domain is ranked for and filters help you to order them according to different metrics.

To sort the table up or down, use arrows next to the column name.

Below are the keyword data you can gather from the report:During the previous modification of the specified keyword in our server.

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Volume: Volume is the monthly average search number (calculated for the previous 12 months) in the selected database.

Pos: Shows the URL ranking position for a specified keyword in the chosen period of the SERP (the amount in the brackets shows the previous location).

Cost-Per-Click: This is the average price of a click for a Google AdWords campaign.

Costs %: The percentage of the total traffic cost from the keyword on the website over a specific duration.

Trend: This displays the changes in interest over 12 months in the specified keyword.

URL: The URL shown for a specified keyword in search results.

SERP: SERP gives a glimpse of the SERP source from which SEMrush reported the finding.

Competition: Competitive Volume of advertisers who use their advertising with the specified keyword. 

Keyword Difficulty: This measures how challenging it would be for a specific keyword to rank well in organic results.

Traffic:The percentage of traffic to the website over the given timeframe from the keyword.

Results: This indicates the number of URLs shown in the keyword search results.Last Updated: During the previous modification of the specified keyword in our server.

Keyword Gap

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It’s now time to differentiate the efficiency of your website with your competitors in Gap Analysis and see whether your keyword plan is lacking in any way. 

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The Keyword Gap method lets you match up to five domains to classify, Which keywords both domains share or which keywords are unique to each domain.

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The Keyword Gap method lets you match up to five domains to classify, Which keywords both domains share or which keywords are unique to each domain.

The intersection form can also be set to Unique for the keywords of the first domain and acquire the keywords for which the first domain is ranked for.

The keywords you have probably missed and need to include in your content are unique for your competitors. You can use the SEMrush SEO Content Model to change the content difference quickly. 

Keywords common to you and your competitors can be used to figure out where you are lacking and need to improve.

For Example: You can add filters to incorporate keywords helping your competitor rank on the first page (under 10), and You are on the second or more in-depth page (include your domain with positions above 10)

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It helps you to consider the set of keywords you need to work on. Using these keywords to tweak your content will help you achieve the first SERP, which will, without question, increase the domain’s exposure.

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Be mindful that you can also find PLA keywords and Paid keywords for each domain in addition to matching Organic keywords in the keyword gap, 

And you can click on Enable Charts if you want a graphical representation (Venn diagram) of the report.

Backlinks Competitors Reports and Backlink Gap

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Backlinks are a significant factor for rankings, especially when they come from trusted industry resources.

The tool of Backlink Gap allows you to uncover the link gaps you do not have, depending on the backlinks of your competitors.

But you must first recognise your backlinks competitors.

The line-up will vary from your keyword competitors, as most of your organic adversaries have specific backlink profiles.

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In the Backlinks Report, enter your domain and pass on to the Competitors page. 

The Competition level correctly classifies the competitor in the report.

This statistic indicates the closeness of the competition and is measured in the degree of the competition level in organic research except that the amount of backlinks in comparison to the total number of the domain backlinks is used instead of the number of keywords.

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The number of Common Referring Domains can sort this table, The number of Total Referring Domains, Or the number of backlinks. 

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You can also arrange it using the Domain score (DS), Which reveals the importance of a domain based on the sum of backlinks or by the trust score (TS),

Which suggests the trustworthiness of a domain-dependent upon the consistency of its backlinks.

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Click on the number of common referring domains to see domains linked to your competitors but not connected to you.

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You may reach up to five domains, including your own, in the Backlink Gap and by this you can find your competitor backlinks.

Traffic Analytics

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It is a great idea to track and analyse the traffic sources of your competitors and figure out whether your marketing strategies need to be improved or modified.

To get the exact numbers, you will not reach the data of your competitors.

Nevertheless, You can utilize SEMrush Traffic Analytics, which will be appropriate for you to assess your competitors based on clickstream data from third-party providers.

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You only need to type in the domain you wish to analyse and start observing.

To acquire a quick glimpse of the competitors performance in driving traffic terms,

Begin with the Traffic Overview page, 

Determine whether referral traffic, direct traffic, social media traffic, or search engine traffic, is the most characteristic feature of their visitors Figure out which blogs, search engines, and social networks give the opponent the most traffic.

Such information helps you more accurately approach your audience and identify possibilities for collaboration.

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Track bounce rates and average session periods for the most appealing web sites of your competitors, and monitor the best competitors carefully.

You will understand why visitors are drawn and how they are forced to remain. The more the user stays on the web, the higher the chance of a conversion.

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You can also check the traffic sources which help you to find out that from where the site getting more traffic.

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You can also use the Destination Sites tab to get the proper data where the website is getting traffic.

Pros and Cons of Using SEMrush

Every tool has certain positive and negative aspects,

SEMrush is no different, it is a handy tool with many functions, but its drawbacks are also essential to mention.  

Below I have mentioned some of SEMrush advantages and disadvantages; I believe that the benefits outweigh the cons.

Pros Of SEMrush

Proper Understanding of your Site’s Performance

It takes time to show outcomes while conducting an SEO campaign. You are left to wonder if your optimizations are functioning.

You will gain insight into the success of your campaign with SEMrush.

SEMrush will teach you how your website functions. The amount of traffic you get by well-paid traffic is precise. It will inform you if the traffic on your website is increasing or declining. 

You will see how you rank keywords as well. SEMrush will let you know if your keywords are ranking tremendous or worse.

This helps you to refine your campaign to keep your keyword rankings or to boost your campaign to rank better for them. 

Availability of Valuable Keywords

The use of keywords is part and parcel of SEO.

You use keywords to find relevant results while the audience performs a search.

You will find useful keywords for your SEMrush campaign.

You must carry out keyword research to find the right keywords for your initiative.

It lists useful keywords that the organization can use.

You’ll typically want to concentrate on long-tail keywords. These are keywords of 3 or multiple words. For your SEO strategy, long-tail keywords are ideal as they drive more essential leads to the business.

You can also classify the keywords that competitors use with SEMrush. It offers information into keywords that your organization lack so you can reach essential leads.

Understanding of your Competition

When conducting an SEO campaign, The analysis of your competition is an integral part of your approach.

For instance, there are hundreds of companies vying for the same keywords, so it is helpful to know what keywords they want.

You will discover what your competitors do with their SEO campaign by using SEMrush. This will further improve the performance of your SEO campaign.

It’s worth learning from your competition, too. You could have keywords that drive traffic efficiently. You can use this information to use the keywords in your project if you know what they are.

SEMrush is a useful tool for recognizing and contesting the rivalry. You can build more effective strategies if you learn your rivals better. 

Maintain Existing Traffic

Your next aim is to improve traffic as you obtain a useful one. You don’t want to make every effort just to drive away traffic. It is vital to make an effort to sustain the dedication and popularity of your website.

You can map those locations by using SEMrush, control keyword positions, link to Google Analytics, and more to keep traffic satisfied.

SEMrush provides all the necessary tools to meet the existing traffic while attracting new traffic. 

Earning of Valuable Backlinks

They dramatically increase your website’s credibility and belief, Backlinks are a vital part of your presence online. These are connections you get from sites with authority. 

You should earn from legitimate, reputable sites as you receive backlinks. When you acquire backlinks from reputable sites respected by the audience, Google trusts your website more.

With SEMrush, you can gain additional useful backlinks. This method lets you see where you can obtain backlinks from if you don’t receive them from a particular authority website already. 

This is also a great way to see what the competitors profit from. You should know how many backlinks they have, and to create a better plan for your business and you can use that detail.

Cons Of SEMrush

Unfriendly User Interface

The user-friendly interface requires a certain level of comprehension and experience.

In other words, for newcomers, the user interface is a little too complicated but can be easily fixed with a short course in SEO and digital commercialization.

Subsequent Logging Disadvantage

Just one individual may use a single SEMrush login,

But only if you share it with another person and then the person logging into the account would make the user who logged in earlier lose access.

It would be good if SEMrush could fix this problem and make sure the customer is alerted of unauthorized access or something related.

Fear Factor

Many SEMrush users complain of too many warning signs being sent by SEMrush to ensure that subscribers stay locked into their service. Sometimes, this sends subscribers away.

Largely Complicated

SEMrush is not quick to get your mind around with the multiple tools that help you manage your SEO and digital marketing techniques.

If you’re a complete beginner, it takes you a while to get used to the method, which isn’t convenient for a first-timer.

Inaccurate Ad Spend Data

Many users reported incorrect information regarding ad spending, exports, and more. Often it can be confusion or a one-time bug, and with any other company, this occurs.

Pricing Plan Of SEMrush

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SEMrush provides four plans, which can be paid monthly or annually

To order the best price, we always encourage you to pay annually. Yeah, it costs more, but at the end of the year, you’ll save money in contrast with the monthly plan.

Let’s dive in and work out how good it is for different structures in each of these four plans:

Pro Plan

A qualified package for freelancers and single-business owners is SEMrush’s most basic plan, the Pro Plan.

This system limits the number of projects to five and is not practical for skilled freelancers that work for thousands of clients.

This is, however, the perfect plan for a company owner who would like to use SEMrush to optimize his website and not focus on SEO campaigns with clients.

Blog owners who would like to do their SEO research and have just joined the company should explore with it.

The Pro Plan costs 99 dollars a month (billed monthly) and 996 dollars (billed annually).

Note: If you are looking to grab SEMrush then, Click here to get 14 days free trial, It’ll help you to use SEMrush for the next 14 days without paying a single dollar.

Reasons Why You Should Take The Pro Plan:

  • Your platform makes a certain amount of money, and you can spend $99 a month to gain invaluable information, which can boost your online business profits.
  • You don’t have to function with clients on SEO campaigns, and you never have to track hundreds of competitor websites for a particular brand or business.
  • You’re all right without access to historical information.
  • You don’t have to document more than 500 keywords every day. You do not need PDF files on brand or white label to communicate with consumers.
  • No more than 100,000 URLs will be needed to search the pages via SEMrush
  • You will not need to connect any other users to your account. You are the only person.

SEMrush Guru Plan

You should consider investing in the SEMrush Guru plan where you handle and operate 50 ventures, and also segregate the traffic flow depending on the devices used by consumers if you have more than five websites under your belt.

It helps you prepare the best content strategy; because you can instead rely on your content’s duration and structure, We assume that the plan is far more beneficial than the Pro Plan for digital marketing practitioners.

The SEMrush Guru Plan costs $199 a month (monthly checked) and $1992 (annually billed)

Reasons Why You Should Take The Guru Plan:

  • You own a digital marketing firm and have numerous ventures that are run for the whole day.
  • Historical data is needed to evaluate keyword and niche trends and see what has happened in the past but doesn’t work now.
  • You want to share the personalized PDF files with your clients and businesses and do not want the default SEMrush branding to be used.

Enterprise and Business Plans

The enterprise and business plans are ideal for large digital marketing agencies, wide-scale businesses, and industries.

When expenditure is not a restriction, I strongly advise all digital marketing businesses with ten or more consumers to have the Business Plan.

Large enterprises will negotiate a personalized SEMrush price according to their specifications with the SEMrush team.

$399 a month (billed monthly) and $3996 a month (billed annually), are the expense of SEMrush Enterprise and Business Plan.

Reasons Why You Should Take The Enterprise and Business Plans:

  • You do not want budget restrictions and no limitations on your plans or your data
  • API connectivity and application software management
  • Studio files, PDF reports scheduling and white labeling for Google data

Don’t forget to enjoy 14 days free trial of SEMrush without paying a single penny from your pocket.

Is SEMrush Better than Ahrefs?

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If you are confused that which tool is best in these 2 tools (SEMrush and Ahrefs) Then let me help you to find out the best tool which you can use in your daily day to day life.

Ahrefs is most commonly known as a backlink analysis tool, but in the last two years, a lot of new features have been introduced, rendering it a direct SEMrush competitor.

These features include:

  • Rank Tracking
  • Technical SEO Tools
  • Keyword Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research Features

SEMrush, on the other hand, upped their game with extra features.

Amazing features of SEMrush include:

  • Analyzing of Competitor’s PPC Campaigns
  • SEO Content Optimization
  • Analysis of Log files and much more

SEMrush has even begun to enter the link analytics market. For years, they have had a link index. 

Ahrefs and SEMrush have identical feature sets but let’s compare both and find out which is better.

Best for SEO Keyword Research

AhrefsAhrefs offers two significant features of keywords research, namely:  

Keyword explorer and Organic Keywords,

Let’s see how each of the functions. Keyword Explorer is like most other keyword apps on the market.

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You type in a keyword and get a list of ideas.

Ahrefs is not only showing you the search volume,

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Which is unique in Keyword explorer. (Although these details are also available to you) 

You can also figure out how many CLICKS you will receive when you rank for that keyword.

Why does it matter? It’s no mystery that Google wraps the SERPs with features that “steal” organic result clicks, and this is taken into account by Keyword Explorer.

Why does it matter? It’s no mystery that Google wraps the SERPs with features that “steal” organic result clicks, and this is taken into account by Keyword Explorer.

What makes the keyword explorer great is that you can extend the results to get hundreds of keywords suggestions You can also use “Organic keywords” to reverse a competitor’s website.

Let’s talk about SEMrush Now,


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The unique thing about SEMrush is that in a report, you get a lot of accurate keyword info.

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Essentially Ahrefs gives you the amount of traffic and CPC but SEMrush gives you a lot of search volume details on each word, such as the search volume trend and results. 

It depends on your preferences if this is positive or negative, I prefer to concentrate on the key indicators individually.

Nonetheless, It is beneficial that you have all you need in one position if you are a keyword researcher and want to evaluate over 100 words and above quickly. SEMrush has a standard research tool for keywords as well.

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Therefore, You’d have to do SEO and run campaigns at Google Ads when you are an in-house SEO or own an agency.

It can be helpful to have SEO and PPC information at your fingertips.

All in all, I think SEMrush wins this battle. Ahrefs could have a better overall user interface, but SEMrush provides you with a lot more information (both SEO and PPC), Making it a more robust keyword tool.Best for Analyzing Backlinks

The link index is more significant for SEMrush, This indicates that they are investing significantly in their link index and backlink research.

Nevertheless, the Index size is just one factor to take into consideration. For instance, the user interface is also relevant.

When you consider everything you need without 57 links, this is a big win. It takes enough time to build a link.

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According to Backlinko, SEMrush and Ahrefs are both great when it comes to backlink functionality.

The newly expanded index and user interface of SEMrush are fantastic.Best for Rank Tracking

As with any Rank Tracker, Ahrefs searches periodically for a list of keywords you send to Google, but SEMrush does more than that with extra features like visibility score and updating of tracked keywords every day;

However, Ahrefs update theirs not more than twice a week based on the plan you subscribed for.

SEMrush beats Ahrefs when it comes to rank tracking.

However, both do what rank trackers should do, which is rank trackings, Nonetheless, SEMrush improves and produces stable features more often.Best Support (Which Provides Good Support?)

Even though both swiftly reply queries from customers, procedures involved in sending the queries is easier with Ahrefs than with SEMrush.

With Ahrefs, you only need to click on a chat button on the bottom right-hand side of the page and ask for support, but you will pass through some processes,

Which include scrolling down to the foot of the page to find the contact support link.

After that, you fill in several details about your question and then tick the terms and conditions and privacy box before you can submit your query.

SEMrush Is The Winner

SEMrush wins when it comes to real value. It is mostly because you get a fully functioning Google Ads tool and SEO tool at the same monthly charge.

If you are planning to purchase SEMrush, Then I’ve some good news for you.

You can use this link to get 14 days free trial of SEMrush without paying a single penny.Click Here To Grab 14 Days Free Trial

I hope you now got a crystal clear vision that which tool you can use as the primary one, So now let’s move on and discuss some features of SEMrush.

SEMrush Dashboard

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This is where summarized domain information can be viewed. The extension and name of your website is simply a domain. 

In the dashboard, SEMRush informs you of the number of organic keywordsorganic traffic, and the number of advertising keywords and advertising traffic for which you rank.

You can move displayed data to one month or one year. The dashboard includes data for site auditingposition trackingbacklink auditingon-page SEO reviewing, and brand analysis.

By theory, the dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your domain results.

SEMrush Dashboard Shortcuts

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Site Audit: If you are new to SEMrush, the Site Audit feature is a perfect beginning point. This performs a comprehensive safety review and generates actionable data automatically.

On-Page SEO Checker: The on-page SEO checker, can set you straight when you already have pages that rank. It analyzes on-page ranking factors and gathers optimizing insights that improve organic exposure.

Social Media Tracker: SEMrush provides tools for marketers that give priority to their participation in social media. You can watch the growth of your fans, sharing strategies, and public engagement in one location by linking your social media accounts.

Brand Monitoring: You will listen to your competitor or brand on the internet with this tool. This covers many external sources – from social media networks to news sites.

Notes: SEMrush guarantees that its information is updated continuously by leveraging news about search engines on the Notes card. If there is one aspect that we recognize about SEO, it is because it is always evolving. 

SEMrush Sensor: As regards the modification for the search engine, SERP instability is tracked by “SEMrush Sensor,” signalling improvements to the algorithm of the search engine. To assess if adjustments affect your dashboard, you can also test your volatility scores.

Backlink Audit: You should now realize that the main strength of SEO is a successful link building. The “Backlink Audit” performs an in-depth analysis of your backlink profile to recognize possible dangerous links.

Organic Traffic Insights: This tool extracts data from Google Analytics with indicators such as average session time, bounce rate, etc. The “(not provided)” keywords can also be recognized in your database, which typically can only be reached by complicated working processes.

Display Advertising Tool: You will display ad texts and banners for specific keywords with this tool. You can also penetrate the competitor’s domain to check on their display advertising method.

How to Add Domain in Dashboard

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You should also see a card called “Add domains and monitor their performance” at the top of your dashboard.

What is required next should be self-explanatory, Join the URL of the web site in the “Enter Domain” section, and click “Attach Domain.” 

In seconds, SEMrush can reload the domain panel to display the domain together with critical metrics.

It’s time to conduct a full domain review after you connect your domain to your SEMrush plan.

Main Features of SEMrush Dashboard

Domain Analytics

Info on how effectively the website operates can be gathered here,

When you enter your domain, you can view information, Including keywords ranking for your domain and their current position in Google (you can switch between country and local rankings). 

You often track changes in positions that show whether the site optimization strategy works or not.

There is also a competitor tab that can show potential and current competitors through the number of common keywords that you are ranking for.

Next, there is a table that displays the pages in which keywords are ranked and the traffic volume that reaches the pages. 

There’s also the backlinks category for domain analysis, Which is an integral component in your SEO campaign.

The number of backlinks pointing to your domain, link type (image, text, frame, and form) and the backlinks the pages leads to are identified here. With these details, you can say which content is performing best and if it is worth linking to. Keyword Analytics

You will see the keyword search volume plus the number of results that are shown in the search engine by inserting a keyword that you want to analyze here.

Also, the first 100 keyword search results are shown on this list. In addition to other related keywords, results for words that include your keywords are also displayed, which can improve the innovative approach in content creation.

Gap Analysis

It’s an exciting new function recently implemented by SEMRush. It has two forms of gaps–Keyword and Backlink Gap.

Keyword Gap helps several domains to be evaluated at once to determine missed keywords from your website. This helps you to see where you fall back in the keyword rankings.

There is an enhanced feature where you can select the intersection form that enables you to view domain keywords from unique, standard, and all search queries, as well as search terms that are specific to the first domain you log into.

Backlink Gap, on the other hand, helps you to compare your domain against other domains and find opportunities for untapped backlinks.

How to Legitimately Steal your Competitors Keywords

For finding the keyword which your competitors use, You can use below the 2 Steps to legitimately steal your competitor’s keyword.Step 1: List your Competitors and Evaluate their Sites Carefully

You may already know who your competitors are if you have been blogging for some time.

Ensure at least 3 to 5 competitors and their website URLs are provided,

  • Save

If you still don’t know who your competitors are, search Google for your top competitors easily by using keywords such as “Your Niche” + “Top Blogs“. 

First, Signup in to the SEMrush using this special link,

  • Save

After signup, enter one of your competitor URL in the Dashboard of SEMrush, 

SEMrush then provides you with essential details on the website of your competitor. 

Use the “Domain Overview” feature on SEMrush to evaluate any website or domain. The complete details of the entered domain will be given.Step 2: Find out your Competitors Best Performing Keyword

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You can either use “Domain overview” and click on “View Full Report” under “Top Organic Keywords” or use the “Keyword Overview” on SEMrush to search the information of your competitor keywords.

You will identify the most potent keywords for any of your competitors to smash them in the results of search engines through keyword information.

It’ll not only give you who are in top 3 to 10 and above with their keywords., but you can also use this information to find specific keywords that bring more search engine traffic to your competitor.

Ensure a collection of 50-100 strong keywords is produced from each competitor using this step.

This ensures that you have an extensive list of about 300 keywords that are valuable in your index if you evaluate the keywords even for 5 of your competitors.

This is appropriate to appear up with ideas to boost traffic for your pages.Target your Competitors Backlink Sources

Google prioritizes backlinks. Google thinks you possess a reputation site and improves your rankings, search traffic, or domain authority if your website or blog has a lot of backlinks commencing from different sources.

This means that the site with new links frequently gets higher rankings. This is why the analysis of backlinks is crucial if you desire to snatch search traffic from your competitors legitimately. 

To know how to do backlink analysis using SEMrush, to discover the competitor’s backlinks, click on the Backlinks tab under “Domain Analytics” on SEMrush.

Once you identify backlink sources from your competitors, Pick only a few of them, create content on these subjects, and convince specific blogs that you produced better content around these subjects.

The Skyscraper system from Backlinko is known for this also, This way, as soon as you post your content, you will get links from many outlets. That can have a significant effect on your website’s search engine results,

And therefore you can easily and quickly increase your website’s search traffic.Create Unique Content

The last thing to do is to grab the search traffic lawfully from your competitor, and that involves making top quality and informative content.

Use the keyword data of your competitors to create blog idea, 

Please have a good time investigating these topics.

Also, spend additional time writing full blog posts (above 3000 words since the search engines rank them well).

Please reach those blogs who already have ties to your competition sources and remind them of even higher quality content released by you.

Also, if most of the blog owners don’t have a connection to your website, search traffic will still be traced to your pages, because you create content popular on Google.

Sure, it requires time and a lot of work to utilize this step (create comprehensive and original content). Nonetheless, this is Google SEO optimization’s demand.

You will enjoy the most significant benefits in terms of traffic and revenue when you produce quality content, which is both user and search engine friendly.

In other words, there are few useful tips to produce specific content in search engines that ranks well:

  • Please carry out a thorough investigation of the Top 10 outcomes for the keywords you target.
  • Check out how well Google ranks them and also note all the factors omitted from these pages. In that way, you will quickly write quality content that covers nearly any part of your subject.
  • Make sure that your articles are linked while creating content, Internal linking in SEO plays a significant part.
  • Use many images. If not, It can be challenging for your followers to ingest a comprehensive article. To offer your articles higher rankings, Use Engaging  Headings and Meta Descriptions.
  • Wisely use SEMrush. Use and optimize relevant keywords in Google’s titles, subheadings, and photos.

Utilize Site Audit to Examine your Website’s Google Performance

If you desire to profit from Google for the longer term, You just can utilize SEMrush effectively through “Site Audit

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You will also identify and resolve the problems of your domain by tracking the website results on Google. Even when your ranks go down, you will quickly boost your rating.

How to Find Profitable Keywords using Keywords Magic Tool

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Keywords Magic Tool helps you to evaluate a whole search industry, research niche subtopics, and groups, and save the findings as you continue.

This tool gives you informative data to use and to take advantage of your competition ranging from small business owners and government organizations and companies.

Not only can you create a perfect set of keywords while using related keywords, but it also helps to generate new content ideas for the SEO optimization on your blog.

Relevant keywords will help make ideas for any new blog or landing page you build for a future campaign on the website.

In Reality, It can help increase Google’s natural SEO ranking with these related keywords on your current landing page content.

In the view of Google, contents are essential. So creativity will enable you to overshadow competitors by incorporating key related words to your content.

How to Track your Keyword in Google Using SEMrush

One aspect of Google is to find high keywords, and another thing is to rank for your target keywords.

To rank for a keyword, You must first figure out if the keywords are top 100 in Google.

Upon publishing a post or a blog on your web, You will hit goals such as the first 50, first 20, and then the first ten search results after you got to the top 100 search results.

You can then try to build backlinks and better on-page SEO to improve the rankings of your keywords after the initial ten results. 

You need to begin tracking the keyword positions for it all to happen.

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To continue monitoring the keyword, You can set “Position Tracking” so SEMrush can track the positions of your keyword.

How To Get SEMrush Pro Free Trial for 14 Days Worth 99.95$

To make the most of this definitive SEMrush tutorial, You need to have access to SEMrush 14 days free trial.

What is the reason? Since we covered a lot of features in this guide, It allows you ample time to look into each element in detail with SEMrush free access for 14 days.

Here’s the simple Step-By-Step guide on how to get the SEMrush Pro account free for 14 days.

Step 1: Click on this special link to get 14 days free trial (coupon already applied), After clicking on this link on this page (Check the screenshot below).

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Step 2: Click on the “Start your free 14-day trial now!” button.

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Step 3: After that, you’ll be redirected to this page and Now have to register by entering your email and password of your choice and after registering, You’ll redirect to the billing page.

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Step 4: Now enter your details like (email, name, address and billing details) to grab Pro account of SEMrush worth 99.95$ without spending a single penny.

After this, Just click on the “Place The Order” button and you’ll get the full access of the SEMrush Pro account for 14 days.

SEMrush Tutorial & Review – How to Use It to 10X Your Website Traffic

Is SEMrush good?

Yes off course, Because they are providing such an amazing feature which can help you to double your website traffic.

How much does SEMrush cost?

SEMrush has 4 Plans – ProGuruBusiness, and Enterprise.

If you are doing blogging from the past few years and making money from it then you can go with there Pro plan which costs you around 99.85$/month.

If you have a small agency of Digital Marketing or SEO then you can go with there Guru plan which costs you around 199.95$/month.

If you have a big agency then you can go with there Business or Enterprise plan, 

Their Business plan costs you 399.95$/month and for Enterprise you have to talk with them.

Is SEMrush provides accurate data?

Yes, it is, You’ll get almost accurate data of any keyword.

How To Use SEMrush For Free?

Unfortunately, SEMrush doesn’t provide any free account but You can get 14 days free trial of there pro account.

Which Is The Best Alternative Of SEMrush?

If you are looking for the SEMrush alternative then you can go with KWFinder.


So you can now see that SEMRush does a variety of things from site auditing to keyword research and provides insights of your competitors and much more.

It is an instrument that is continually being developed, and I am confident that there will be many more changes over the next few years. 

Most people believe that designing the search engine is extremely difficult. Although this may be true to some degree, It sure makes the whole process way simpler for you if you have access to the right tools.

SEMRush is undoubtedly the Best SEO Tool that can quickly spy on and evaluate the keywords of your competitors. ​

I hope you found this SEMrush Tutorial Strategies and Tips helpful, If you liked this then don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments and,

How to Configure SEMrush Tutorial
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